Nathaniel Mellors

Book A or MEGACOLON or For and Against Language is an experimental monograph exploring linguistic manipulation, absurdist comedy and other aspects of the work of Nathaniel Mellors, with contributions by Mick Peter and John C. Welchman. Book A or MEGACOLON or For and Against Language contains a selection of Mellors’ original scripts from 2006 onwards, that have since been turned into video and installation works - from the demise of an ageing Polish supercomputer in Brain One - Mózg Jeden (2006) to the language games and ideological clashes within the Maddox-Wilson family in Ourhouse(2010-). 

Art historian John C. Welchman has contributed an experimental Abecedarium, both academic and playful, in which he responds to and elaborates on ideas present in Mellors’ scatological intrahuman journey Giantbum (2009). Artist and writer Mick Peter’s ‘Wall Eyed Stranger: An Introduction to Mellorfilm and the British Grotesque Explosion’ sheds new light on some of the key characters in Mellors’ absurdist universe, in a deeply annotated text that increasingly expands and dissolves itself.

Book A or MEGACOLON or For and Against Language has beed edited by Xander Karskens, and designed by Remco van Bladel. Published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven. It is available at De Hallen Haarlem for 20 euros.