About De Hallen Haarlem

De Hallen Haarlem is the museum for modern and contemporary art in Haarlem. Two times per year De Hallen Haarlem organises a cluster of exhibitions dealing with current developments in the visual arts. In them the museum offers a platform for artists from the Netherlands and other countries, with the accent on photography and video art.

The annual exhibition in the De Hallen Haarlem Summer Series sheds light on themes and people in the history of modern art, from around 1850 to the present day, and addresses a wide audience. 
De Hallen Haarlem is part of the Frans Hals Museum | De Hallen Haarlem foundation.


The contemporary programming serves to draw attention to new developments; the exhibition policy is oriented to providing varied insights into these developments and into current international art. De Hallen Haarlem regularly hosts solo presentations by much discussed international artists who have never previously been shown in the Netherlands. 


De Hallen Haarlem holds a collection of modern and contemporary art comprising about 10,000 works. Its collection policy focuses on the work of artists who scrutinise modern society critically. Within this, there are three centres of attention: work which looks at the human experience, work which closely examines society, and work that seeks to provide escape from the sometimes bitter reality. 

De Hallen Extra

During the cluster exhibitions on contemporary art De Hallen Haarlem organises an evening programme each month. The central theme of the evening is the work of one of the exhibited artists. The form differs each time, varying from lectures and artist talks to guided tours. The evening events always provide background for and supplement the ongoing exhibition.


Direction Karel Schampers, director       Secretariat Anneke Bakker, assistent to the director a.bakker [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5782 Judith Harren, secretariat j.harren [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5853   Collection and Exhibition Anke van der Laan, head of Collection and Exhibition a.vanderlaan [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5831 Xander Karskens, curator of contemporary art x.karskens [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5787 Antoon Erftemeijer, curator of modern art a.erftemeijer [at] T +31 (0)23 5115793 Anna Tummers, curator of old masters j.tummers [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5785 Joke van Haaren, collection project assistant j.vanhaaren [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5834 Karien Beijers, collection registrar k.beijers [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5833 Susanna Koenig, exhibition registrar s.koenig [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5837 Mireille te Marvelde, conservator m.temarvelde [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5819 Liesbeth Abraham, conservator l.abraham [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5820 Jessica Roeders, conservator j.roeders [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5819 Anneke Wouters, conservation officer a.wouters [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5789 Fred Hoogland, storage and transport officer f.hoogland [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5779 Frans van Lieshout, technical service f.vanlieshout [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5814 Ulric Roldanus, technical service  u.roldanus [at]  T +31 (0)23 511 5813 /16        Public Affairs Bas van Donselaar, head of Public Affairs b.vandonselaar [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5790 Annelieke van Halen, PR & communication officer De Hallen Haarlem a.vanhalen [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5794 Monique van Royen, PR & communication officer Frans Hals Museum m.vanroyen [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5783 Neeltje Köhler, education and research officer n.kohler [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5791 Charlotte Wiethoff, education officer c.wiethoff [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5792 Annejet Houck, PR & marketing Frans Hals Year  a.houck [at]  T +31 (0)23 511 5830    Finance Rob de Nieuwe, head of Finance r.denieuwe [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5851 Rita Weijers, financial officer r.weijers [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5797 Gwen Nijbroek, Human Resources g.nijbroek-breuer [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5835   Facility Management John Buch, head of Facility Management j.buch [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5796 Rien Broertjes, teamcoördinator Frans Hals Museum r.broertjes [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5807 Ron van den Broek, teamcoördinator Frans Hals Museum r.vandenbroek [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5808 Sabine Dol, coordination security and information De Hallen Haarlem s.dol [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5809 Bob Smit, operator and guided tours b.smit [at] T +31 (0)23 511 5775 


For downloads of press releases and press images, please click here. For further information please contact Annelieke van Halen, a.vanhalen [at], tel. T +31 (0)23 511 5794.


De Hallen Haarlem is a beneficiary of the BankGiro Lottery.