STRICTLY PERSONAL - Haarlem artists

30.08.2003 - 02.11.2003

The work of thirteen artists was presented in De Hallen Haarlem under the title Strictly Personal. These artists all share the fact that in their work they often respond to their immediate surroundings in a very personal way. The artists were selected by the Haarlem artists' groups Kunst Zij Ons Doel (K.Z.O.D) and Twintig in de Hallen. Both two and three dimensional works were to be seen: paintings, photography and video.

The artists who participated in this exhibition were selected by a work group comprised of representatives of K.Z.O.D. and Twintig in de Hallen. Response to their immediate environment is central to the work of these artists. The thread running through the works shown is the exceptional, individual and personal manner in which the artists go about their work. Thus the title of the show: Strictly Personal.

The exhibition presented a rich range of techniques and media and brought together works with contemporary visions of art with work that testifies to a more traditional view. Strictly Personal was therefore an exhibition with rich contrasts. Restrained lyricism was shown alongside exuberant expression, tranquillity next to movement, colour next to black and white, and glossy glamour next to sober simplicity.

K.Z.O.D. members whose work was to be seen included Marjan van Berkel, Monique Dukker, Peter Groot, Els Hoekstra, Anton Misset, Maaike Wentholt and Wim Zuiderveld.

Twintig in de Hallen presented work by Dorothee Bavink, Violaine Chapallaz, Wim Hendrikx, Lieke te Poele, Tammo Schuringa and Peter Stufkens.