PAPER MATTERS - An Attempt at a Critique of Institutional Critique

24.09.2016 - 08.01.2017

Guest curator Sergey Fofanov (1984, RU) has examined a lesser known part of the collection of the Frans Hals Museum | De Hallen Haarlem, specifically the graphic work. In the Collection Gallery he combined editions of work by well-known figures such as Picasso, Braque, Escher, Modigliani, Moore, Delacroix and Daumier with the video May I Help You? (1991) by Andrea Fraser, a leading figure in the realm of institutional critique. By doing so he challenged the viewer to reflect on the ‘true’ value of these works. It’s all about Big Names which are, at the same time, outsiders in this collection. What gives them value?

Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij