NOISE! - Frans Hals, Otherwise

29.09.2018 - 10.02.2019

Frans Hals was far ahead of his time. The way he portrayed people – more freely, looser, without sticking to rigid rules – disturbs the fixed image we have of status and power in the seventeenth century. Echoes of the strictly regulated society of the Golden Age resonate to this day. We live in an age when there is little room for
positions that cannot be grasped instantly. Identity and origin are increasingly linked and where you come from plays an ever more important role. This is why art is more needed than ever: it is a tribute to ‘difference’ and doing things otherwise.

Inspired by Frans Hals’s work, Noise! – Frans Hals, Otherwise creates an image of (wo)man as a multifaceted being that establishes borders and then crosses them. At a time of hardening positions and identities the exhibition goes in search of the separate and divergent, the fluid, in the footsteps of Frans Hals.