UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL - Featuring The Common Sense by Melanie Gilligan

13.12.2014 - 01.03.2015

Affect was central to Up Close and Personal. Art has the ability to immediately touch the viewer, a sensation preceding language and thought. This affective power, which cannot easily be described, is increasingly fading into the background in these times dominated by technology, rationalism and efficiency. The artists in Up Close and Personal deal with the theme of 'affect' in various ways, and the intimate (wordless) dialogue between viewer and work takes centre stage.

Sven Augustijnen (BE)
Jo Baer (US)
Rosa Barba (IT)
Thierry De Cordier (BE)
Eamonn Harnett (NL)
David Hammons (US)
Dorota Jurczak (PL)
Hassan Khan (EG)
Meiro Koizumi (JP)
Steve McQueen (UK)
George Minne (BE)
Matt Stokes (UK)
Wolfgang Tillmans (DE)
Taocheng Wang (CN)

Personal note

The two curators of the exhibition (director Ann Demeester and Xander Karskens) Up Close and Personal addressed a letter to the visitor, please click here to read it.

Performance Eamonn Harnett

On Sundays 14 December, 11 January and 15 February at 14:00, De Hallen Haarlem presented a ritual performance by artist Eamonn Harnett. This work was part of the exhibition Up Close and Personal.

Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij

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